Mission Statement

Staten Island University Hospital is dedicated to providing our community with the best possible quality care through continuous quality improvement efforts. We consider employees to be our greatest resource. We continually examine the way we do our work in order to make improvements and prevent errors. Exceeding the needs and expectations of our customers is the basis for all that we do.

Our Credo

We are a team of competent and caring professionals. As members of this team we believe that our patients and their families are our reason for being here.

We are here to:

Serve their needs, meet their expectations and relieve their concerns and anxieties.

  • We treat our patients, families and other customers as we would like to be treated.
    1. With utmost respect and courtesy.
    2. With sensitivity and understanding.
    3. With a pleasant and friendly attitude.
  • We respond quickly to their requests.
  • We provide timely and correct information throughout their stay with us.

We always strive to:

Improve our work in our constant pursuit of excellence.

  • We are knowledgeable of our job and continue to learn new skills to become more competent in performance.
  • We are proactive in solving problems.
  • We continuously examine our work to make improvements.

In this effort we are:

United as one team.

  • Courteous and respectful of each other.
  • We cooperate and collaborate with our coworkers to deliver quality care.
  • We never say "it's not my job".

We are sensitive to each other's needs and supportive of one another.

We are committed to:

High quality care.

  • We listen to and respond to the individual, physical, social, psychological, spiritual needs of our patients and their families.
  • We seek optimal outcomes for our patients.

We are all committed to practicing this credo and informing each other when we do not see it in action.