Phone Directory

General Hours of operation are weekdays, 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.

Main Number

North: 718-226-9000

South: 718-226-2000

Patient Information

North: 718-226-9200

South: 718-226-2200

Patient Information & Condition Reports

With your consent, the Information Desk will provide callers with your room number and telephone extension when your name is given by a family member or friend. Please let your nurse know if you choose to opt out of Patient Directory Information. However, if you do so, you will not be identified as a patient in our hospital. Information about your health status is limited to a one-word condition description: undetermined, good, fair, serious, or critical. All Critical Care Unit patients will be reported as critical.

Admitting (Bed Mgmt.) Ext. 8424 Ext. 2020
Anesthesia / Pain Management Ext. 9290 (same)
Bedside Salon Services Ext. 9763 (same)
Billing Information 877-483-2212 (same)
Case Management / Social Work Ext. 9170 Ext. 2028
Dept. of Patient Care Services Ext. 9763 Ext. 2150
Hospital & Community Relations Ext. 2483 (same)
Transport Ext. 9204, 9205 Ext. 2097
Gift Shop Ext. 8302 Ext. 2047
Gourmet Meals Ext. 9281 Ext. 2111
Library Cart Ext. 9307 Ext. 2048
Nutrition Services Ext. 9281 Ext. 2111
Office of Patient Relations Ext. 9540 (same)
Pastoral Care Ext. 9435 (same)
Patient Information 718-226-9200 718-226-2200
Patient Representation Ext. 8851 Ext. 2010
Physician/Dentist Referral Line 1-877-SIUH-DRS (same)
Security Ext. 9374 Ext. 2203
Sign Language Interpreters Ext. 9470 (same)
Support Group Office Ext. 2500 (same)
Telephone / HAC / Pocket Talker Ext. 9124 Ext. 3322
Television / Phone Service Ext. 9124 Ext. 3322
Volunteer Office Ext. 9308 (same)

Calling a Department Within the Hospital?

Dial the last four digits of the number. (718) 226 - ****