Division Director
Souhel Najjar, MD

  • Invited Presentations:
    • Siyamwala M, Nagrani T, Ghaisian V, Bekheit S.  Ryanodine Calcium Channel: A novel channelopathy for seizures.  - Poster Presentation: ACP National Scientific Competition, April 2010, Toronto Canada

    • Nagrani N, Siyamwala M, Ghiasian V, Bekheit S.  Catecholaminergic Poly-morphic Ventricular tachycardia (CPVT): A Neurocardiac Disorder of Independent Arrhythmias and Seizures.  - Poster presentation: MSSNY, May 1, 2009 Third prize winner

    • Azab B, Zaher M, Najjar S, Wetz R.  Two cases of hypo-carnitinaemia suggestive of late onset mitochondrial dysfunction.  - Poster presentation: ACP National Scientific Meeting, Philadelphia, PA, April 2009.

  • Publications:
    • Najjar S, Bernbaum M, Lai G, Devinsky O. Immunology and epilepsy. Rev Neurol Dis 2008;5(3):109-116.

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