Nursing and Patient Care

Nursing is a dynamic career that focuses on providing care to individuals and to groups of people. The ultimate goal of nursing is to promote and maintain maximum health through treatment, health maintenance and prevention. 

Nursing offers a variety of experiences. In addition to caring directly for patients, nurses help educate patients, family and other relatives on proper care, give specific instructions for diet, exercise and medication, and provide emotional and psychological support to patients and their families. Nursing is a career in which you can make a difference. 

Career advancement can take many different paths. Staten Island University Hospital offers many opportunities and an experienced, committed staff which will assist you in reaching your goals. Today, nurses can choose from a variety of positions. There are more than 24 areas of specialization available to the nursing professional. With so many options, you are sure to find an area that meets your special interests and allows you to maintain your personal commitments. At our hospital, we encourage our nurses to pursue and achieve certification in specialty areas, and many educational programs are available at our facility. 

You can join the world of dedicated nursing professionals   by successfully completing either a two-year associate degree program (ADN) or a fouryear baccalaureate (BSN) program and then passing an examination for licensure (NCLEX).

Extern Program

A shortage of qualified nurses to staff healthcare facilities is a nationwide problem, and is expected to last for several more years. To encourage the profession, and to attract the finest nurse candidates to Staten Island University Hospital we have developed an innovative Nurse Extern Program.

Join the real world of Nursing ... before you graduate
The transition from the classroom to the working world is always a challenge ... and is particularly challenging in the world of healthcare. Before assuming primary responsibility for the care of your patients, and while you are attending an academic nursing program, you want to have as much supervised clinical experience as possible. To accomplish this, Staten Island University Hospital offers nursing students the opportunity to participate in our Nurse Extern Program.

Extern Opportunity Open to Nursing Students
The Nurse Extern Program is open to nursing students who are matriculated in an accredited BSN, ADN, or Diploma Program. In addition, Staten Island University Hospital is interested in nursing students with a GPA of 2.5 or better, who are willing to commit to a minimum of one day of work each week during the school year. Full-time and part-time work is available during the summer months, and semester breaks.

Earn while you Learn ... as a Nurse Extern
A Nurse Extern has the opportunity for hands-on clinical experience that is an invaluable career enhancement opportunity. Nurse Externs learn ... and earn ... while enrolled in an academic nursing program. Educational opportunities include participation in the hospital's staff development programs and classes, and access to the many areas of clinical practice offered at our hospital. Staten Island University Hospital is one of the leading nursing services on Staten Island. As a teaching facility we foster continuing education for clinical staff to advance their knowledge and skills, and to assure the continual improvement of patient care.

Your clinical edxperience will include nurse-aide type responsibilities in a medical-surgical unit or in special care units such as pediatrics, oncology, cardiology, and a variety of others. Your experience will be guided by a Registered Nurse. All classes and clinical assignments are planned to assist you in making the best possible adjustment from the classroom to a professional nursing environment.

Job responsibilities may include:

Basic patient care activities
Oral suction
Assisting with enternal feedings
Ostomy care
Assisting with sterile procedures.
Join our outstanding staff and become part of New York's recognized health team.

How to apply
In addition to a certified current transcript from your college or school, you should have letters of recommendation from two of your nursing instructors. Nurse Externs must be available for a concentrated 2-week orientation period. Call us for more information.

To apply, call or write:
Patient Care Services
Staten Island University Hospital
475 Seaview Avenue Staten Island, NY 10305
718 / 226-8015