Third Year Medical Clerkship

Third year medical students may be assigned medicine 5 week clerkships at Staten Island University Hospital. Each student will be assigned to a medical care team consisting of a preceptor, an attending, resident and intern.


  • To introduce the student to clinical medicine

  • To develop the skills and knowledge needed to take an accurate history and physical and to formulate an appropriate differential diagnosis

  • To introduce the student to the principles of developing a management/treatment plan for various diagnoses

  • To encourage the student to take an active role as a member of the health care team, to learn to be responsible for patient management, to learn to work effectively with other members of the health care team and to develop skills as a professional


  • To be punctual to all rounds and lectures

  • Perform a history and physical examination on new admissions assigned by the resident team

  • Assist the resident team in simple procedures and become familiar with these procedures

  • Present patients at Work and Attending Rounds.  To have read thoroughly on these patients prior to presentation

  • Submit write-ups for patients using the format requested by the medical school to the preceptor for formal evaluation.  Submission of five write-ups is required

  • Be up to date and familiar with the patients' pertinent development and write daily progress notes.  Progress notes must be discussed with and countersigned by the assigned intern or resident

  • Accompany patients to special procedures and participate in discussions with consultants whenever possible

  • Read daily for conferences, assigned topics or presentations and especially patients' medical problems

  • Attend all assigned conferences given by the Department of Medicine, including Medical Grand Rounds, housestaff lectures, as well as specific conferences for third year clerks.


The day begins with Work Rounds at 7:30 A.M. each morning with the resident team. Morning Report occurs at 8:00 A.M. when a member of the teaching staff reviews each new admission at the bedside with the admitting residents/students. At 10:00 A.M. Monday through Friday (3 lectures per week - see schedule) students are asked to present pre-assigned topics under the guidance of a chief resident in a case-based fashion. At 11:00 A.M. Teaching Rounds take place, which include the presentation of two new admissions by the resident or student. The patients are discussed in depth, including the admitting history and physical, initial laboratory data, problem list, pathophysiology, diagnostic and therapeutic plan.

At 12:00 noon there is a daily medical conference presented by the subspecialty divisions, which emphasize the presentation and discussion of patients. At 1:15 P.M. there are Student Conferences as per the Student Conference Calendar. During the afternoon, bedside care and procedures, new admissions, subspecialty ward rounds and literature review of current medical problems occur. Preceptors meet with their students (two times per week).

The third year medical student is paired with one intern and resident. In addition, they are expected to take call together with their assigned intern.  Calls vary monthly. All notes must be countersigned and reviewed with the senior resident assigned to your unit.  All notes must clearly indicate a medical student has written it. All admissions must be discussed with the PGY I/II on call and be countersigned.


Since important patient contact, and management discussions occur at night, you will be expected to take night call with your intern. On-call rooms are provided for the students to stay overnight if they choose. There are lockers available for the students, which are located in the on-call rooms on 3B and 3A.


Students will take call if the assigned intern is on call. Students are expected to write progress notes on their patient(s) on Saturday. Students not on call on Sunday will have the day off.


The hospital will adhere to the school's policy regarding holidays and follow a Saturday schedule.


The student will receive 3 evaluations for this rotation, from your preceptor, your attending and the resident assigned to your unit.  Students must submit to their floor attending a mid-rotation formative evaluation during week 3, which the student must return to the school (see memo on clerkship grading).