Infectious Diseases

PREREQUISITE: Requires completion of medicine clerkship.

Jordan Glaser, M.D., is Director of Infectious Diseases.

The Infectious Diseases Division conducts daily rounds throughout the hospital interacting closely with the medical resident staff. Each resident on the I.D. rotation is assigned 3-5 consultations per day. Infectious Diseases faculty reviews each consultation at the bedside with the medical residents and follows the progress of active patients on the service.

Residents scheduled for the infectious diseases rotation are assigned to both the inpatient consultation service, as well as the ambulatory primary care HIV clinic.

The Division is involved actively in a variety of research projects including sexually- transmitted diseases, HIV infection, infection control and the clinical evaluation of newly-developed antibiotics. Residents and students actively participate in these projects generated by the Infectious Diseases Division and have published numerous articles in peer-reviewed journals.