PREREQUISITE: Requires completion of medicine clerkship.

Michael Castellano, M.D., is Director of Pulmonary Medicine.

University Hospital's innovative brachytherapy program for lung carcinoma and its Sleep Apnea Center underscore the educational and research opportunities that exist for medical residents rotating through the Pulmonary Division during their training.

The Division interacts with residents in an ongoing fashion during all three years of residency training through daily teaching rounds on the medical floors, intensive care units and Ambulatory Care Department. The senior medical resident on the pulmonary rotation spends one month performing consultations under faculty supervision and participates actively in the pulmonary function lab and special care units.

The pulmonary service provides 24-hour-a-day availability of respiratory therapists for arterial blood gas determinations and ventilator maintenance. Full pulmonary function testing, including spirometry, lung volumes and diffusion studies, are available on a daily basis. Cardiopulmonary exercise testing, a fully equipped sleep laboratory, pulmonary angiography, fiberoptic bronchoscopy, thoracentesis, and iridium brachytherapy are available on a continual basis. Residents participate in these procedures under the supervision of the pulmonary teaching staff.