The Smoking Cessation Program

The Smoking Cessation Program at Staten Island University Hospital is a complete program based on the "Treating Tobacco Use & Dependence" Clinical Practice Guidelines, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Several new pieces have been added to increase the success of your goals to stop smoking.

The program will include important information and strategies needed to direc your efforts to quit.

We will help you devlop the coping techniques to better manage the physiological and pscyhological aspects of the addiction to tobacco.

Visit Our smoking Cessation Clinic. We can give you helpful information on quitting and help you decide if Nicotine Replacement Therapy would be right for you.

The Center for Complementary Medicine
256 Mason Avenue
3rd Floor
Staten Island, NY 10305

For inquiries regarding the Smoking Cessation Program, please contact Kerry P. Gillespie, Director of Complementary Medicine, at KGillespie@northwell.edu.

RELAX LINE: 718-226-2256 (CALM)

If you're prepared to enter the program, please fill out the above Preparation Document and send to Kerry P. Gillespie as your earliest convenience.