Volunteer Opportunities

Welcome, and thank you for wanting to discover more about volunteering at Staten Island University Hospital. Volunteers are special people of all ages who give their time and energy in the service of others.

At Staten Island University Hospital our volunteers are a very valuable part of the hospital team, welcomed in every department with open arms.

In 2013 over 900 individuals volunteered at Staten Island University Hospital. Together they gave more than 100,000 hours of service.

Whether you are a retiree, a high school student, unemployed or a graduate student SIUH welcomes the opportunity to help you fulfill a desire to give back to your community.

As a valuable member of the volunteer services team, you will be fully trained in mandatory orientation, including HIPAA, compliance, infection control, fire safety and safe materials handing.

Volunteer assignments at SIUH include:

  • Information Desk Receptionist Assistants / Patient Escorts - Provides both telephone and face-to-face patient information to callers and visitors in compliance with hospital policy. Escorts patients or visitors to their destination in the hospital.
  • Gift Shop Assistants - Assists with the operation of our gift shops, North and or South, as a convenience to patients, visitors and hospital staff.
  • Patient care assignments - assists in activities initiatives by offering patients use of selected activities.
  • Office assistance assignments are also available throughout the hospital.

In addition, various assignments may include fund-raising efforts; planning special projects and events; pastoral care; heart patient survivors who visit and support patients, and a cancer survivor’s patient navigator group.

Think you are ready to be a Volunteer at SIUH? Yes? Here’s what you need to do:

  • Call us at 718-226-9304. 718-226-9307 or 718-226-9308 – at this time we will gladly walk you through the necessary requirements to become a volunteer.

Q & A

What are the time requirements?
The minimum time commitment is 4 hours a week, unless otherwise specified. Volunteers are asked to make a commitment to serve at least 100 hours over a period of one year. Volunteers are not permitted to serve over 37.5 hours a week.

My school only requires 50 hours of community service, am I still obligated to complete 100 hours of volunteer service at SIUH?
Yes, your schools requirement and SIUH’s requirement are separate. We prefer that our volunteers and our staff get to know each other, to that end this time frame is more advantageous.

What is the minimum age to volunteer?
The minimum age to volunteer at SIUH is 16 years old.

  • 16 and 17 year olds are considered Junior Volunteers (background investigation not conducted)
  • 18+ years – considered an Adult Volunteer (background investigation conducted)

How long does it take to be processed once the application is completed?

On average it takes about 3 to 4 weeks to be processed and be ready for assignment.

Are there volunteer opportunities in the summer?

Yes, we accept students for summer placements. Many students volunteer from June through August.

A minimum of 10 hours per week is required. Students who are interested in volunteering should begin all paper work by February 1st.

If I volunteer during the summer, may I return at vacation time or next summer?
Yes, when you leave at the end of the summer, let us know that you intend to return during vacation times and/or the following summer. In order to be accepted back into the Volunteer program there are certain obligations on your part that you must complete prior to your last day of service.

If I need a letter of recommendation from the Volunteer department at SIUH, is one easily obtained?
Letters of reference are gladly written for 100+ hours of service unless otherwise specified.

Does volunteering at the hospital mean I will be able to get a job there?
Unfortunately, there are no guarantees of employment when volunteering.

Benefits of being a Volunteer at Staten Island University Hospital:
Staten Island University Hospital volunteers receive:

  • A courtesy meal allowance each day worked (minimum of 4 hours/day)
  • Free Parking at our pay-lots, both North-site and South-site (minimum of 4 hours/day)
  • A letter of recommendation upon request (minimum of 100 hours required)
  • A volunteer uniform to wear on hospital premises and ID Badge (minimal contribution required)
  • An invitation to the annual recognition and holiday event (100+ hours of service)
  • Rewards affiliated with helping others and giving back to the community

Volunteers who are medically cleared and have completed 100 hours of service annually would also qualify for:

  • a reduction of hospital/health care costs not covered by your medical insurance or HMO which will be prorated based on annual hours and length of service;
  • an annual free flu vaccination and PPD skin test;
  • invitation to special trips and social activities;
  • interaction with others committed to volunteering
  • and the personal knowledge that you made a difference.

Volunteering benefits everyone...

Be proud of yourself for helping make a difference in your community. Know that the skills you learn while volunteering can open doors for you in the future. Volunteers with special skills, interests or abilities will be assigned to compatible areas of specialized service, which can provide education and an invaluable experience to you.

Are you a Program Administrator/Advisor at a local High School?

Please give us a call, we will be happy to discuss tailoring a program that meets the needs of Junior Volunteers.

For more information, contact us:

Volunteer Services Department
Toni Arcamone, Manager (718-226-9308-North) (718-226-2048-South)

Laura Parisi, Sr. Assistant (718-226-9307)

Christine Callan, Assistant (718-226-9304)

Staten Island University Hospital
North: 475 Seaview Avene

South: 375 Seguine Avenue