Patient & Family Council at North Shore University Hospital

Every voice makes a difference!

The Northwell team invites you to join our Patient and Family Partnership Council. This is a dedicated group of patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals who partner together to create meaningful changes within our hospital. We value you experiences, insights and ideas to help develop our hospitals’ services. Click here to download the Patient and Family Partnership Council application.

Join a partnership between families and staff and have your voice heard

The Patient and Family Partnership Council is a partnership between families and Northwell staff to promote and support patient- and family-centered (PFCC) values and to help shape hospital services. We also have opportunities for patient and family membership to serve on several department-based PFCC councils.

A diverse group that meets every month

You may apply at any time. PFPC groups meet for two hours once every month. When choosing members to serve on the PFPC, we consider diversity in culture, gender, parenting, and hospital experiences.