Help in Healing - Visitor Accommodations

How You Can Help

As a visitor, you may be asked to play an important role in the patient's care by becoming a Health Care Agent, Support Person or Patient Representative.

  • Health Care Agent

    A "Health Care Agent" is an adult who you have chosen to make decisions about your health care when you cannot do so. This person is also known as a health care proxy.

  • Support Person

    A "Support Person" (a family member, friend, or other trusted individual) you have chosen to help you make decisions about who should visit you. This person will also provide you with emotional support, and comfort to reduce any fear you have during your hospital stay. You may change your Support Persons any time during your hospital stay.

  • Patient Representative

    A "Patient Representative" is a person you have chosen to help you make healthcare decisions. This person can also carry out your patient rights and participate in your care. The Patient Representative does not have to be a family member. If you are unable to make decisions, your Health Care Agent takes priority over the Patient Representative.

Visitor Policies

  • Accommodations are made at the discretion of the patient.
  • We request that you be mindful and respectful that another patient may also be sharing the room.
  • In order to ensure a restful atmosphere that promotes healing for your loved one, as well as other patients, we ask that visitors observe quiet time when patients are trying to sleep.
  • Please note that at times you may be asked to leave the room during tests, treatments and/or when the doctor or nurse needs to see the patient privately.
  • To protect the health of your loved one, as well as your own health, we ask that you wash your hands when entering and exiting the room.
  • In addition to washing your hands, please refrain from visiting the hospital if you have a fever, cough or rash.
  • For visitation in the mother-baby unit (4D), immunization records must be provided if children are age 12 or younger.
  • Children with any evidence of infection, including fever, upper respiratory infection, diarrhea or skin rash will not be permitted to visit. Susceptible children (e.g., no history of chickenpox and not immunized) with recent exposure to communicable diseases such as chickenpox will also not be permitted to visit.
  • All children visiting a patient must be accompanied by an adult. Children may not be left unattended or under the supervision of the patient.
  • SIUH is a tobacco-free campus. We were one of the first hospitals to embrace the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene's Tobacco-Free Hospitals Campaign, which earned SIUH a Bronze Star status for our efforts.

Parking Accommodations and Directions

North site

Patients utilizing our outpatient facilities can park in our visitor parking lot free of charge by presenting proof of their appointment.

For visitors, SIUH offers a low parking rate in our visitor parking lot. We also have valet service Monday through Friday from 7am -- 8pm, which is located in front of the Heart Tower.

More information about North Site Parking Accommodations and Directions:

South site

Parking is free for both outpatients and visitors and is available in two visitor parking lots on the hospital grounds.

More information about South Site Directions:

Public Bathrooms

Bathrooms in patient rooms are reserved only for patient use in order to protect their health. We advise visitors to use public bathrooms located throughout the hospital. Doing so will assist the patient in their healing process.

Food Services

North Site Cafeteria

The North site hospital cafeteria is located on the second floor of the main hospital. Salads, wraps, hot meals, breakfast items, desserts, beverages and snacks are available.

Breakfast: 7am -- 10am

Lunch & Dinner: 10:45am -- 7:30pm

h3>Atrium Express

In addition to our cafeteria in the North site hospital, we also have the Atrium Express. Located on the first floor of the Tower Pavilion (home of the Heart Institute), the Atrium Express offers prepackaged sandwiches and salads, pastries, snacks, beverages, and espresso drinks featuring Starubcks Coffee.

Monday - Friday
7am -- 10:30pm and 11pm -- 3am

Saturday - Sunday
8am -- 4pm and 11pm -- 3am

South Site Cafeteria

The South site hospital cafeteria is located in the basement level of the main hospital. Salads, wraps, hot meals, breakfast items, desserts, beverages and snacks are available. Note: during Grab n' Go hours, hot food service is not available.

Breakfast: 7:30am -- 10:30am
Grab n' Go: 10:30am -- 11am

Lunch: 11:30am -- 1:30pm
Grab n' Go: 1:30pm -- 4:30pm

Dinner: 4:30pm -- 6pm

For your convenience, vending machines are located throughout both hospitals

ATM Locations

North site:

A Richmond County Savings Bank full-service ATM is located inside the second floor cafeteria and a Northwell Health System-sponsored ATM is in the hospital lobby.

South site:

A Richmond County Savings Bank full-service ATM and a Northwell Health System-sponsored ATM is in the hospital lobby.

Gift Shop

Both hospital sites have gift shops located in the lobbies of our main buildings. Our gift shops carry convenience items, stuffed animals, books, newspapers and magazines, greeting cards and other gift items.

Fresh floral arrangements are available at the North site gift shop. Flowers range in price from $13 to $35 and can be delivered to the patient's room the same day. MasterCard and VISA are accepted.

North site:

9am -- 7pm Monday through Saturday
10am -- 7pm Sunday

South site:

9am -- 7pm Monday through Saturday
10am -- 2:30pm Sunday

Pastoral Care

For many people, healing is more than a physical process. At SIUH, we understand this and care about the emotional and spiritual health of our patients. We offer pastoral care to patients of all faiths and their families.

If a patient would like to see a spiritual leader, the patient or their visitors can call extension 9435 at the North site or extension 2294 at the South site.

Behavioral Health Visiting Accomodations

All visitors must see a staff member upon arrival and refrain from bringing sharp or other contraband objects.

North site

2pm -- 3pm and 6:30pm -- 7:30pm

South site

1:30pm -- 2:30pm and 7pm -- 8pm