Allergy & Immunology - Overview

Fees and Insurance

We, too, are concerned about the cost of quality medical services. We do everything possible to keep our fees reasonable and to make payment easy for you. Here s what you need to know:

  • We request payment at the time of service This helps us to keep billing costs down.
  • Future visits: As a courtesy, we will file your insurance forms for you If your insurance company will pay us directly, you will only need to take care of your co-payment. If not, we will send you a monthly statement and your insurance company will reimburse you
  • HMOs/PPOs: We do participate in many New Jersey and New York area "pre-paid" plans. Please ask about yours

Your Referrals

We sincerely welcome patient referrals and will always make time to see a friend or relative whom you think we can help. A referral is, in fact, the highest compliment you can give to us.

Your Office Visit

When you call for an appointment, please briefly tell our receptionist what your symptoms are. That way, she can reserve ample time for your testing and for your consultation with Dr Krol.

Our office hours were set with your convenience in mind with day, evening, and Saturday morning hours available.

Innovative Treatments

Our treatment goals are to control your immediate symptoms and help you feel better now, and then to ultimately control the allergy long-term.

We use a three-step approach to accomplish this: education and environmental changes, medication, and desensitization. During your visits, we will find out what your needs are so that we can create the most practical and effective treatment program for you.

Environmental Control

There are many minor lifestyle changes you can make that will greatly improve your health. For example, if you have a pollen allergy, jogging in the evening rather than the morning will reduce asthma attacks. We will talk with you about your individual habits and then teach you how to easily modify them for better health.

Some of the topics we may cover with you include:

  • Relaxation techniques for asthma control
  • Recipes for people with food allergies
  • What symptoms signal an emergency call
  • How to control dust and pollen in your home

New Medications

We prescribe several new allergy medications that are effective yet do not have side effects like drowsiness and nervousness Also, we've found that a number of allergy sufferers use their nose sprays ineffectively because no one has taught them how to do it properly. We are glad to cover this with you.