Children's Cancer Center Staten Island 

The Children's Cancer Center, a part of Staten Island University Hospital's award-winning Nalitt Institute for Cancer and Blood-related Diseases, offers a broad spectrum of on-campus cancer services provided by high quality, board-certified specialists.  Pediatric oncologists provide personalized clinical care in a warm and welcoming surrounding.  The Island-based center employs a multidisciplinary team of board - certified pediatric subspecialists including pediatric surgeons and radiation oncologists in addition to a comprehensive support staff that includes pediatric oncology-trained nurses (APHON certified), a child psychologist, a child psychiatrist, social workers, nutritionists, a complementary medicine specialist, and both physical and occupational therapists.  

Staten Island University Hospital's Children's Cancer Center is directed by Sarah Vaiselbuh, MD, a pediatric specialist in childhood cancers and blood-related pediatric diseases.  Dr Vaiselbuh is an internationally reknown physician, and is board certified in Pediatrics and Pediatric Hematology-Oncology.

In addition to providing the highest quality, advanced medical care, state-of-the-art treatment plans will be discussed with parents in accordance with the Children's Oncology Group (COG) guidelines and protocols. Dr Vaiselbuh and her team are very active in the American Society of Pediatric Oncology (ASPHO), the organization that provides continuing education on new trends and breakthroughs in the evolving field of childhood cancers.

A new addition to the Staten Island University Hospital Cancer Center is Dr. Mitchell Price, a pediatric surgeon with a special, clinical interest in surgical oncology.  Dr. Price has been an active member of the surgical section of the Children's Oncology Group (COG) and is a member of the Wilms Tumor committee, as well as other surgical oncologic sections and protocols within this national organization.

Children are now able to receive all of their diagnostic studies including biopsies and treatments in Staten Island, avoiding the burden of commuting to large centers away from the Island.   This will enhance family-centered care, including care for siblings, and help to maintain the normal schedules of family life and family structure, which would otherwise be disrupted by prolonged periods of absence of one or both parents.

The Children's Cancer Center will focus on advanced and personalized care for youngsters on Staten Island. The program includes Back To School program for successful integration into school life after treatment.  Back to School and Living through Learning Experience are pioneered by the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and The Children's Cancer Center is the designated center site for Staten Island.  A variety of other allied services will be featured in a patient and family support group -called Butterflies Blues- that allows for networking with other parents on Staten Island in a relaxed atmosphere.  Learning to cope with life-altering experiences while encouraging parental autonomy and initiative is among the goals of Butterflies Blues.

The Children's Cancer Center Staten Island Team

Chairman of Pediatrics: Philip Roth, MD, PhD

Director of the Center: Sarah Vaiselbuh, MD

Pediatric Oncologists: Sarah Vaiselbuh, MD • Eleny Romanos-Sirakis, MD

Pediatric Radiation Oncology: Phillip Vigneri, MD

Pediatric Surgical Oncology: Mitchell Price, MD

Transfusion Medicine and Blood Banking: Edahn Isaak, MD

Pediatric Chemo Pharmacy Supervisor: Diane Caravone-Nieves,RPh, M.S.

Pediatric Oncology Nurse Practitioners: Deena Maimone, NP • Erica Katz, NP

Pediatric Oncology Nurse Coordinator:  Pam O'Hara, RN, CPON

Pediatric Oncology Nurse: Rebecca Enardecido-Kramer, RN, BSN, OCN

Pediatric Oncology APHON certified nurses and medical assistants

Child Cancer Psychologist: Jean Spinelli, PhD

Pediatric Social Worker: Catherine Nyhus, LCSW-R

Pediatric Nutritionist: Maureen Gonzalez RD, CSO, CDN

Pediatric Child Cancer Education Specialists: Carolyn Simone LCSW-R, Loretta DeSimone

Director, Complementary Medicine: Kerry Gillespie, MS, CTTS

Research Staff: Maria Rappuzzi, RN, MPA, CIM and Andrea Brevetti, RN

Staten Island University Hospital-based subspecialities and NSLIJ affiliated services:

Pediatric Critical Care: Siu-Pun Chan, MD

Pediatric Pulmonology: Siu-Pun Chan, MD                               

Adolescent Medicine: April Lee, MD • Edward McCabe, MD

Pediatric Endocrinology: Carmen Torrado-Jule, MD • Sharone Sheffer-Babila, MD

Pediatric Infectious Disease: Arthur Buonaspina, MD

Pediatric Gastroenterology: Misha Tyshkov, MD • Carlotta Hample, MD

Pediatric Nephrology: Anup Singh, MD

Pediatric Urology: Mark Horowitz, MD

Pediatric Neurology: Nwanneka Okolo, MD

Pediatric Cardiology: Shahed Quraishi, MD

Pediatric Radiology: Salvatore Farrugia, MD • Jeremy Neuman, MD

Pediatric Interventional Radiology: Jonathan Sheiner, MD

Pediatric Emergency Medicine: Yvonne Giunta, MD

Rehabilitation Medicine: Jeffrey Weinberg, MD, Director

Pediatric Occupational Therapists

Pediatric Physical Therapists

Pediatric Speech and Hearing Therapists

Pediatric Neuropsychometric testing

Pediatric Recreation Therapists

Child Life Therapist: Vivian Alestra

NSLIJ Health System Affiliation - Cohen Children's Medical Center

Director of Pediatric Oncology: Jeffrey Lipton, MD, PhD

Head of Children's Brain Tumors Program: Mark Atlas, MD

Director Stem Cell Therapy: Joel Brochstein, MD

Head Bone Marrow Transplantation: Indira Sahdev, MD

Bone Marrow Transplant Coordinator: Nan Werther, NP