Welcome Letter from the Program Director
Welcome and thank you for your interest in the Internal Medicine Residency Program at Staten Island University Hospital

Who Might Benefit From Genetic Counseling

Individuals who may benefit from genetic counseling include:
  • Those with a concerning personal and/or family history of cancer (see Red Flags) 
  • Members of a family with a known inherited cancer syndrome 
  • Individuals with concerns about cancer risks for their children or extended family members 
  • Any person considering genetic testing 
  • Individuals that have had genetic testing and would like to further review their test results


  • Several relatives on the same side of the family with related types of cancer, such as breast/ovarian/pancreatic cancer or colon/uterine/ovarian cancer

  • A personal or family history of cancer at an early age (before 45 for breast cancer or before 50 for colon cancer)

  • More than one cancer diagnosis in the same individual (e.g. cancer in both breasts, breast and ovarian cancer, uterine and colon cancer) 

  • Rare cancers such as male breast cancer

  • A family history of a known altered cancer-predisposition gene

  • Ashkenazi Jewish (Eastern European) ancestry, as there can be an increased risk for hereditary breast and ovarian cancer

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