Electrophysiology Division


The Staten Island University Hospital Electrophysiology Division provides diagnostic and electrophysiology services to adolescent, young adult, adult and geriatric patients. The patient who is referred to the Electrophysiology Service requires diagnosis and treatment of symptoms of syncope and/or arrhythmias. A patient with these symptoms will be referred after evaluation from an internist or a cardiologist. A consult with Dr. Bekhelt can be obtained by calling (718) 226-8758 or (718) 226-8759. 

A patient seen in the Electrophysiology Division may be evaluated during an office visit. Next the electrophysiology service may order tests such as electrocardiograms, echocardiograms, which are provided by the Cardiology Department, or a tilt table test which is provided by the Electrophysiology Division. Invasive testing may be recommended. This procedure or test is called an electrophysiology study, which may include such studies as "V-Stim" or "SVT" studies. The results of these tests are used by the electrophysiologist to guide the treatment appropriate for the patient. 

Treatments recommended are guided by the patient's medical condition. Some patients may be managed with a pharmacological regime while others may require interventional procedures such as permanent pacemaker insertion and/or defibrillator insertion (ICD/PCD). These intervention procedures are completed in the Electrophysiologist periodically or as the need arises depending on the individual patient's condition. 

Permanent pacemakers and ICDS (implanted defibrillators) are performed by the Thoracic Surgeons or a credentialed Cardiac Electrophysiologist in the Electrophysiology Division. Patients must be evaluated by a cardiologist prior to the scheduling of these procedures. These patients may be scheduled electively or as part of their inpatient treatment. Preprocedure preparation includes SMA 7, CBS, PT/PTT, Type & Screen and chest X-ray. The Electrophysiology Department has a waiting area for the families. After the procedure the physician meets with the family members to receive information about the patient. 

The Electrophysiology Division is available Monday through Friday from 7:30am to 4:00pm. Emergency cases may be added at any time to accommodate the needs of the patients. 

RN, Manager, (718) 226-8392
To schedule appointments or for requests for consultations 
(718) 226-8758 / (718) 266-8759