Pediatric Dentistry - Program Information

Program Length, Stipend and Number of Positions

This is a 24-month program commencing July 1 of each year. Graduates receive a certificate in Pediatric Dentistry. Residents receive stipends of $63,000 plus fringe benefits as a first year resident and $66,000 plus fringe benefits as a second year resident. Three new positions are offered each year. 

Program Strengths

  1. Diverse patient population
  2. Modern and well-equipped facilities
  3. Multi-disciplinary training under the supervision of specialty trained attending dentists.
  4. Comprehensive rotations through the departments of Pediatric Medicine, Anesthesia, and Emergency Medicine.
  5. Extensive operating room experience.
  6. Comprehensive training in management of the Special Care Patient.
  7. Comprehensive orthodontic and growth guidance training.

Program Faculty

*Steven Schwartz, D.D.S., Director Pediatric Dentistry
*Patricia Dibos, D.D.S., Attending, Pediatric Dentistry and Special Care
Michelle Flanigan, D.M.D., Attending, Pediatric Dentistry and Special Care
Michelle Giumenta, D.D.S, Attending, Pediatric Dentistry
Deborah Gries, D.M.D, Attending, Pediatric Dentistry
*Phyllis Merlino, D.D.S, Attending, Pediatric Dentistry
*Ayman Metwally, D.D.S., Attending, Pediatric Dentistry
Lisa Nguyen, D.D.S., Attending, Pediatric Dentistry
Michael D'Anna, DDS, Director, Orthodontics
Robert Seminara, DDS, Attending, Orthodontics
*Michael Donato, DMD, Attending, Orthodontics
*David Hoffman, DDS, Director, Oral Surgery
Joel Manley, DDS, Attending, Special Care

 * Indicates Board Certification