Hospice - Volunteering

Are you a good listener?

Hospice Volunteering may be for you.

For further information, contact our Volunteer Coordinator at (718) 226-6458

University Hospice is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to meet the needs of terminally ill patients, their families and loved ones by providing comprehensive palliative (comfort) care focusing on physical, social, emotional and spiritual support.

University Hospice volunteers are essential members of the Hospice team. After completing the Volunteer training program, the Hospice Volunteer is prepared to fill a variety of roles either as a Patient Care Volunteer, providing direct care to Hospice patients, or an Administrative Volunteer helping with day to day activities in the Hospice offices.

Patient Care Volunteers visit patients in their homes, or in the nursing home or hospital setting. In addition to providing companionship and emotional support, the Volunteer may assist with activities that include direct patient care, child care, cooking, cleaning and running errands for the patient and family. The Volunteer's assistance with such activities of daily living relieves many worries and therefore enables the patient and family to have quality time together.

Administrative Volunteers provide a vital service assisting clinical and support staff with a wide variety of office activities. They frequently interact with Hospice patients and families by phone, providing support and encouragement.

The role of the Volunteer often extends beyond the death of the Hospice patient. Volunteers frequently become an important part of the bereavement process, helping families cope as they work through their grief.


  • A personal commitment to the mission of philosophy of University Hospice
  • Completion of a 21 hour training course and orientation program
  • Yearly physical examination
  • Attendance at mandatory inservice education and support groups
  • Completion of minimum required hours of service on a yearly basis