Infectious Diseases

Jordan B. Glaser, M.D. Medical Director

The Division of Infectious Disease offers a wide scope of services, both to the community and to other departments with in the hospital. The I.D. division provides consultative services for adult patients at SIUH. These services include Medicine, Surgery, Ob/Gyn, Rehabilitative Medicine, Neurosciences, etc. The Division also provides services at the SIUH HIV clinic, Project Hospitality (Homeless HIV Clinic), and Arthur Kill Correctional Facility. The division also provides for inpatient HIV services at both the North and South sites. The Division works in conjunction with the Epidemiology Department, Infection Control Committee and Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee.

The I.D. division is available for the purpose of antibiotic monitoring. The division works with home antibiotic infusion care companies, hospice, Cancer Services at Staten Island University Hospital, the Medical Arts Pavilion, Social Service, and the Visiting Nurses Association. The division also has a travel clinic at 1408 Richmond Road. The division is involved in a variety of community groups including the Board of Directors of the Hospital, Staten Island AIDS Taskforce, Project Hospitality, etc. The division has been involved in the dissemination of infectious diseases information through various types of clinical and basic science research trials in conjunction with pharmaceutical companies and academic medical centers.


We have multiple ongoing quality improvement programs. These programs include monitoring of infectious diseases and noncomial infections in conjunction with the Epidemiology Department. The division is part of multidisciplinary teams involved in monitoring and improving nosocomial infection rates in the Critical Care Units. The division is also involved in reviewing nosocomial infections in the surgical and medical departments. The division is involved in another multidisciplinary group to review and assess isolation and treatment outcomes for tuberculosis and rule out tuberculosis patients in the hospital.

The division is also involved with the HIV clinics to assure that appropriate outpatient care is being rendered to ambulatory HIV patients. The division works in conjunction with the Pharmacy Department to assure appropriate utilization of antibiotics in a quality and cost effective way. This is monitored via the Joint Utilization Review Sub-committee of the Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee. The division has also been involved in the issue of reuse of disposable medical devices and any relationship to infectious diseases.