Medical Weight Loss Program - Exercise


  • Start slowly. Going from being sedentary to doing a high-impact workout can cause injury and can be overwhelming. Start with 10 minutes per day of light activity and build from there.
  • Choose an activity you enjoy and are comfortable doing. If your knees hurt when walking, pick something like biking or swimming.
  • Think about why you avoid exercise. If you feel you can’t make time for it, schedule it into your day like you would a meeting. If you don’t feel comfortable in your exercise clothes, buy ones that you feel confident in. If you’re too tired, make it a priority to go to sleep earlier so you can feel well-rested enough to exercise the next day.
  • Pair up with a friend. Having someone to exercise with can help motivate you. Also, choose to socialize by exercising instead of meeting up for a meal. Walking in a park will allow for the same conversation that you would have over dessert.
  • Consider joining a sports league with friends or joining a class at your gym. It guarantees regularly scheduled exercise, and is often fun!