Pediatrics - Adolescent Medicine

April Lee, MD- Director, Adolescent Medicine
Edward McCabe, DO, MPH - Assistant Director, Adolescent Medicine


The Teen (R)isk (A)ssessment (P)rogram understands that the teen years are a time of intense physical, emotional, and intellectual change. So, we try to make it as easy as possible for you to achieve the healthiest life possible. All of our services are FREE & CONFIDENTIAL for young people ages 12 to 24—whether it’s a medical exam, a pregnancy test, an STD or HIV test, birth control, or an appointment just to chat about your concerns.

To learn more about the program, please visit siteenrap.com

Adolescence is a dynamic time! A time of rapid physical, emotional, and intellectual growth and development.

Designed and created to meet the unique health care needs of adolescents and young adults, the Division of Adolescent Medicine of the Department of Pediatrics at Staten Island University Hospital provides comprehensive primary care services for this population at various locations. These services include medical, reproductive and mental health screening for all patients aged 12 to 21 years of age.

The Division of Adolescent Medicine also provides comprehensive health care to New Dorp High School students at the School Health Center at New Dorp. The School Health Center's hours are 7:30am to 4pm, Mondays through Fridays (excepting school holidays and breaks). The phone number is (718) 987-0128. Services are also provided through Teen R.A.P., which stands for Teen Risk Assessment Program, and can be reached at (718) 226-TEEN; (718-226-8336).

Our program focuses on the needs and concerns of teenagers. Teen R.A.P. offers:

  • Physical exams for school, sports, working papers, regular check-ups.

  • GYN exams

  • Birth Control

  • Pregnancy testing, counseling and referrals

  • Sexually transmitted disease diagnosis & treatment

  • Education and counseling

  • HIV/AIDS counseling and testing

  • Other referrals as appropriate

All Reproductive Health Care is free and confidential.

We are a TEAM of Health Professionals

Both Physicians, April Lee, MD, and Edward McCabe, DO, MPH, are Board Certified in both Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine.

Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, Social Workers, Health Educators and Medical Assistants round out the health care team.

What Do We Do?

We can see you for...

  • Health maintenance

  • Sick visits

  • Pregnancy concerns

  • Reproductive care

  • HIV Testing

  • Mental Health Services

Or just to talk about what's on your mind...

  • Alcohol and drugs

  • Sex

  • Parents

  • School

  • Friends

  • Relationships

  • Peer pressure

Appointments can be made at the following locations:

The Irving R. Boody, Jr. Medical Arts Pavilion

242 Mason Avenue
Staten Island, NY 10305
(718) 226-6262 • FAX: (718) 226-6531

Bay Street Health Center

57 Bay Street
Staten Island, NY 10301
(718) 226-6262 • FAX: (718) 226-6701

All practice sites are available by bus. Call (718) 226 TEEN (718-226-8336)f or more information.