Mark Horowitz, MD - Medical Director of Pediatric Urology

The practice of Pediatric Urology includes, but is not limited to, congenital anomalies of the genito-urinary (GU) tract, evaluation and treatment of urinary tract infections, voiding disorders and laparoscopic (minimally invasive) surgery. It includes all conditions involving the GU tract of both boys and girls.

Dr. Mark Horowitz, Director of Pediatric Urology, is Board Certified in Pediatric Urology and has practiced in Staten Island since 1994. He has authored more than 20 chapters in medical textbooks and 50 articles in peer-reviewed journals.

For further information or an appointment, please call:

Pediatric Urology
256 Mason Avenue, Bldg. B, 2nd Floor
Staten Island, New York 10305
(718) 226-1271 • FAX: (718) 226-1271

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