The Calypso System

The Calypso® System is a sophisticated organ motion tracking technology that enhances safety, and allows doctors to take better aim at cancer cells in the prostate.

Just as your heart and lungs are never in a state of complete rest, the prostate also moves ever so slightly, even during surgery.

Enter Calypso®, the only current technology to give clinicians real-time 4D guidance in targeting cancer cells in the prostate during external beam radiation therapy.

The technology utilizes three Beacon electromagnetic transponders that are implanted in the prostate before radiation begins. These tiny tracking devices are each the size of a staple, as small as a single grain of rice. The Beacons interact with the Calypso® System to precisely triangulate the tumor’s exact position throughout treatment, delivering targeted radiation to the cancerous area with a high degree of precision.

Calypso® offers this precision without the use of additional radiation, unlike Tomotherapy or Rapic Arc.

The better we are able aim the radiation, the more we are able to work to maximize effective treatment and minimize harmful side effects to healthy surrounding tissue.