Types of Cancer Treated

Radiation therapy is safely and effectively used to treat many different types of tumors, both cancerous and benign (non-cancerous).

The Department of Radiation Oncology offers the most comprehensive range of treatment programs on Staten Island, treating the full gamut of oncology including brain, head and neck, lung, breast, intestinal, bladder and prostate, sarcomas and  pediatric tumors.

Our special programs include:  


We participate in the Multidisciplinary Breast Tumor Board  sponsored by the Comprehensive Breast Center to discuss each case  with our colleagues and arrive at the appropriate treatment plan. Radiation  treatment options include treatment in the supine or prone position,  use of IMRT, accelerated treatment in 4 weeks and partial breast  irradiation (PBI) using the SAVI catheter.

Prostate / Electromagnetic Tracking with the Calypso® System

Known  as GPS for the body, the Calypso system uses three transponders or  beacons to localize and track the treatment area with millimeter accuracy.  Currently used for prostate treatments, Calypso allows us to  precisely position the prostate each day and to track its location during  the treatment course. This accuracy allows us to limit the extent of  radiation and reduce both short and long term side effects. Additional  uses of Calypso await FDA approval.

We support a comprehensive approach for prostate cancer treatment, including the use of seed implants and external beam radiation with GPS-directed IMRT. Click these links for an expanded description of possible treatment options:

Conformal interstitial implants

External beam therapy using IMRT

Focused therapy using the Brainlab/ExacTrac System®

Our state  of the art radiosurgery system allows precise, high dose treatment to  areas in the brain, head and neck, spine, lung and liver. These treatments a re also called SRS and SBRT.

  • Brain treatment (SRS) a lows some patients to complete their whole  course of therapy in a single session.
  • Lung treatment (SBRT)  has allowed some patients to avoid surgery  and undergo a full course of curative treatment in 3-5 sessions.

Our focused therapy program uses robotic couch adjustment to ensure precision in delivery, and allows us to avoid harming normal areas.

Head and Neck

These cancers require close cooperation with our colleagues in surgery and medical oncology, with careful attention to anatomical considerations. IMRT is used throughout. 


We are the most experienced team treating gynecologic cancer on Staten Island. Again working closely with surgery and medical oncology, treatment is individualized and typically utilizes implant treatment (brachytherapy), most of which is now out-patient therapy. Click for additional i nformation about the treatment of cervical cancer using brachytherapy.