Rehabilitation Medicine - Goal & Philosophy

Staten Island University Hospital is dedicated to providing our community with the best possible quality care through continuous quality improvement efforts. We consider employees to be our greatest resource. We continually examine the way we do our work in order to make improvements and prevent errors. Exceeding the needs and expectations of our customers is the basis for all that we do.

Our mission within Staten Island University Hospital's spectrum of services is to restore maximal function and improve the quality of life to persons with physical disabilities. Responsiveness to the patient is the foundation for planning an individual treatment program.

The philosophy of the Rehabilitation Medicine Program can be summed up in a single sentence: "A physical challenge that impairs one's ability to lead a full and independent life is difficult, but not impossible to overcome." 

At all times the patient is viewed as an integral part of the rehabilitation program. The patient's first step toward recovery is understanding the reasons for treatment. Interdisciplinary team members facilitate the understanding and acceptance of a disability and the goals of treatment by the patient and family. The patient is encouraged to return to a meaningful, productive and self-sufficient life style.

In Rehab Medicine, we work as an interdisciplinary Treatment Team to develop a treatment plan and set goals that are customized to your needs.  Those who have played an important role in your life -- your spouse, parents, children and close friends -- are valued participants in this rehabilitation experience and are seen as an important 3part of our team. As team members, they will be expected to participate in family meetings and family education sessions so that we can best prepare for your safe discharge from our rehabilitation unit. Our Treatment Team is dedicated to teaching those impaired by disease/disability to regain independence and to resume as normal a lifestyle as possible.

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