Neuropsychology Internship Training Program - Internship Hours

1750 clock hours are required for the completion of the internship in accordance with New York state licensure requirements. Full time hours will be accrued at the rate of 40 hours/week for a period not exceeding 12 months and part time hours at the rate of not less than 20 hours/week for a period not exceeding 24 months. The training year begins in August.

Sample Schedule of Weekly Activities

The following is a general outline of weekly activities.

  1. Direct patient service (20-25 hours per week) including: individual psychological assessments, individual neuropsychological assessments, individual psychological interventions, family interventions, and group psychotherapy.
  2. Supervision (2- 4 hours per week). Each intern will have clinical supervision to support planning assessments, analyzing data and providing oral and written feedback. Supervision will also emphasize the delivery of psychological services and include professional conduct, ethics and standards.
  3. Didactic Activities- (2-3 hours per week) Interns will be required to attend 2-3 lectures per week. The choice of lectures will be determined by the intern’s interests and educational needs. The hospital offers grand rounds relevant to the training needs of beginning psychologists in Pediatrics, Neurology, General Medicine, Oncology, Neuroscience, Surgery and Psychiatry.
  4. Readings. Readings pertaining to clinical cases will be assigned. Interns will be expected to integrate readings and research articles into cases and present during supervision.
  5. Paperwork and Report Writing (10 hours) . Interns will have time devoted to case preparation, data scoring and report writing.
  6. Performance Evaluation. Feedback on progress will be provided in individual supervision as well as more formally each semester. Interns are evaluated based on their ability to establish rapport with clients, integrate theory and practice, demonstrate an understanding of brain-behavior relationships and to use this understanding to help patients.
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