Neuropsychology Internship Training Program - Training Model

Interns are trained in assessment, consultation, therapy, and teaching/supervision, with the primary training method being experiential.

Training in assessment emphasizes comprehensive evaluation of cognitive functioning of individuals with neurological and developmental disorders. Interns learn effective interview techniques with neurologically-impaired patients and become proficient at test selection, administration, and scoring, as well as interpretation of results and oral and written communication of findings. Supervision emphasizes integrated conceptualization of theoretical models of adult and developmental neuropsychology, neuropsychological instruments and data.

Over the course of the 12 month training program, interns move from close supervision, mentorship, and intensive instruction to relatively autonomous functioning. Trainees will conduct both outpatient and inpatient evaluations utilizing a flexible battery approach based on the referral issue and age of patient. Trainees will engage in neuropsychological consultation with other medical professionals, take part in multidisciplinary team meetings, didactic activities and clinical research.

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