What is a speech-language pathologist?

A speech - language pathologist is a clinician who will assess, diagnose and treat a variety of speech, language, cognitive, voice, fluency and swallowing disorders.

Rehabilitation Medicine - Adult Speech Language Pathology Services

Who needs speech therapy?

  • If you can't make speech sounds, or can't say them clearly
  • If you have a speech fluency problems (e.g., stuttering)
  • If you have a voice quality problems (e.g., hoarse or strained voice)   
  • If you have problems understanding and producing language
  • If you have cognitive communication impairments (e.g., attention, memory and problem solving deficits)   
  • If you have oral motor problems causing chewing and swallowing difficulties

What treatment and services are available?

  • We provide intervention and supportive services for adults with speech and language disorders
  • We use special instruments (e.g., modified barium swallow study also know as video evaluation of the swallow) to observe your swallowing pattern
  • We provide counseling for individuals, families, and caretakers about your communication and swallowing issues
  • We help you to get the necessary equipment to aid in communication and swallowing
  • We providing referrals and information to other professionals and agencies/organizations within the community
  • We select and teach alternative communication systems

We teach you how to use your prosthetic/adaptive devices for communication and swallowing (e.g., speaking valves, electrolarynx.

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