Rehabilitation Medicine - Hearing Services

A hearing loss can have a huge impact on your quality of life. Any suspected hearing disorder should be professionally evaluated.

At SIUH, infants through older individuals, will receive a full diagnostic evaluation and counseling from a highly qualified audiologist with many years of experience.

If you have a hearing loss, a full range of digital hearing aid devices are available from those that fit behind the ear to cosmetically pleasing ones that fit completely in the ear or with open ear technology. In addition, listening devices can help in specific situations where you may be having difficulty hearing, such as on the telephone.

Our hearing aids @SIUH are available at costs well below those of private offices in the community.

When Should You Have your Hearing Evaluated?

For Children:

  • Frequent ear infections
  • Speech delay
  • Difficulty following directions
  • Family history of hearing loss or other medical/developmental condition

For Adults:

  • It sounds like people are mumbling or speaking in a softer voice than they used to
  • You avoid situations you enjoy because of difficulty hearing
  • Difficulty during meetings following conversations
  • Finding that you are asking people to repeat themselves
  • Difficulty hearing on the telephone or when watching TV

Getting Started

Most insurance are accepted. Please call for an appointment at 718-226-6070. The Audiology Department @SIUH is located at 242 Mason Avenue on the first floor.

Download the Brochure here!