Are you worried about your driving skills?

Has your medical status changed?

Has your vision changed?

Is it hard for you to pay attention?

A change in your physical ability, vision or judgment can effect driving.

The Driver Training Program at Staten Island University Hospital can help you to drive safely.

What does the program include?

Pre-Driving Evaluation

  • Before going on the road you get a pre-driver test
  • A computer test, Elemental Driving Simulator (EDS) is used to measure vision and response to driving simulation.
  • We will suggest equipment, training or more testing as needed.

On- The Road Evaluation

You may be sent to a driving program for a road test.


  • Evaluation by a Physiatrist (medical doctor specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation)
  • Therapy provided by an Occupational Therapist trained in EDS
  • For more information or to schedule an appointment call 718-226-6362


  • Many insurance plans pay for this treatment
  • Financial screeners can answer questions about insurance.

North Site:
Medical Arts Pavilion
242 Mason Avenue
Staten Island, N.Y. 10305
(718) 226-6362

Download the Brochure here!

Driver Pre-Screening Test

The Driver Pre-­Screening Test is a computer test that is useful for persons recovering from a Brain Injury or stroke who are considering resuming driving. The test provides information about the persons ability to respond to complex processing demands, impulse control, mental flexibility, judgement and reaction time. This information in consultation with the therapist can help the individual make safe decisions as to whether to:

  • proceed with applying for permission to drive again
  • schedule further evaluation such as a behind-the-wheel evaluation
  • limit driving to certain times and conditions
  • pursue further rehabilitation appropriate to this objective.

For further information or to schedule an appointment please call (718) 226-6610.