Rehabilitation Medicine - The Lymphedema Rehabilitation Program

What is lymphedema?

Lymphedema is a buildup of protein and lymph fluids. This can lead to swelling in arms and legs.

What causes lymphedema?

And injury to the lymphatic system (a drainage network that balances body fluid levels and defends your body against infections).

Lymphedema may result from surgery or trauma or some breast cancer treatments.

If left untreated, lymphedema can cause:
  • Decreased motion
  • Infection
  • Difficulty with everyday activities
What is treatment?


Skin care and education about preventing infections caused by cuts, scratches and burns.

  • Massage
    A therapeutic lymph drainage massage to remove excess fluid.
  • Wrapping
    Applying pressure to the affected arm or leg with special bandages and garments to reduce fluid buildup.
  • Exercise
    Exercises to help your lymphatic system drain and improve your range of motions.


  • Evaluation by a Physiatrist (medical doctor specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation).
  • Therapy provided by an Occupational Therapist or Physical Therapist trained in Lymphedema treatment.
  • Many insurance plans pay for this treatment. Financial screeners can answer questions about insurance.

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