Institute of Sleep Medicine - In the Morning

Okay, you've had your test. During the night your tech may or may not have used CPAP on you so based on this you think you have an idea that you may have sleep apnea which may need to be treated. However, this may not be true until after the doctors evaluate and interpret your test results.

Please DO NOT ask your technician any questions about your condition. He/She is not your doctor and is acting only under physician directed protocols. Until one of the sleep specialist physicians has evaluated your test it is impossible and illegal for Sleep Institute personnel to discuss your condition with you.

It normally takes between 1 and 2 weeks for your test to be rated, evaluated by our sleep specialist physicians and for the final report to be transcribed and sent to your doctor. You should call your doctor and make an appointment to discuss the results of your test with him about 2 weeks after the date of your test. In emergency cases, the physicians in the lab will call your doctor and give him a verbal or preliminary report. Your doctor should contact you directly in such cases.

If the doctor who sends you in prefers, you can be referred to and you are welcome to call and make a follow-up appointment with one of our sleep specialists, (Dr. Kilkenny or Dr. Ciccone), by calling 718-980- 5700 at their private office. They see patients both at their office, at 27 New Dorp Lane in Staten Island as well as at the Institute of Sleep Medicine at Staten Island University Hospital's south site, several days a week.

Please do not call the Sleep Institute looking for results immediately after your test as it is your doctors' responsibility to discuss these with you initially as well as to order any follow-up testing or treatment as indicated.