Institute of Sleep Medicine - Meet Your Night Techs

Your night techs will explain the procedure to you, show you a brief video on CPAP and then barrage you with an endless round of questions. In addition they will snap a Polaroid full face and side view of your head so the doctors can see what your facial structure looks like. Although you will also be "watched" on closed circuit television, you will not be videotaped unless your doctor orders this. Videotaping is most commonly done for people with unusual movement problems while they are asleep such as arm waving, flailing, kicking, head banging as well as sleep walking.


General Information: 1-(800) 333-6533

Vickie Serrentino. Telephone: (718) 226-2331. e-mail: vserrentino@siuh.edu. Mrs. Serrentino is in charge of appointments, registering patients and arranging patient schedules.

Peter DeCesare, BS, RRT, MPA. Telephone: (718) 226-2332. e-mail: pdecesare@