Institute of Sleep Medicine - Doctor's Office

When you see your doctor or one of our physician sleep specialists, be certain to tell them if you have any of the following problems:

  • snoring
  • excessive daytime sleepiness,
  • falling asleep at inappropriate times,
  • morning headache,
  • waking up frequently to go to the bathroom at night
  • waking up gasping and/or with "chest pounding"
  • disrupted sleep
  • and also be sure and tell them if your partner has observed breathing problems while you sleep.

These can all be signs of obstructive sleep apnea.


Your doctor or the Sleep Center may ask you to fill out certain forms. You can print out the following paper work from your computer and get a head start. Bring these forms to your doctor for evaluation. If you need a sleep study be sure he signs and sends the Doctor's Order to the Sleep Lab. If you are coming to Staten Island's lab, you can fax them to (718) 226-2735, or to a Sleep Lab near you.

Click on each of the following forms to print them out:

Meet Staten Island's Sleep Specialists

If your physician is unable or does not want to deal with your sleep related problems, you can ask for a referral to one of our Center's Medical Directors:

Dr. Thomas M. Kilkenny, Director  or
Dr. Ralph J. Ciccone, Associate Director

Additional Staff Physicians & Consultants

Dr. Martin Bassiur, Dental Appliances for Sleep & Oro-Maxillo Facial Surgery
Dr. Siu-Pun Chan, Pediatric Pulmonology
Dr. David Hoffman, Oro-Maxillo Facial Surgery
Dr. Lewis Milrod, Neurology & Pediatric Neurology
Dr. Boris Sagalovich, Pulmonary
Dr. Kayalvizhi Sambandam, Pulmonary
Dr. Abraham Sinnreich, ENT
Dr. Reuven Weiss, Clinical Psychology

When you see one of our doctors they will do a history and physical emphasizing your sleep related and breathing problems. Based on this exam, and your own history of the problem they will decide if you can benefit from being tested overnight at the Institute of Sleep Medicine.

They will also arrange to order your test, facilitate your appointment and make sure you receive the maximum benefit available from your health insurance plan.

Doctors not affiliated with the Center may also send in patients and can call us at1 (800) 333-6533 for more information on the requirements.