Institute of Sleep Medicine - Seeing Your Doctor for Follow-Up

It takes from 10 to 14 days to score, interpret and type up your final report. A preliminary report is often sentwithin a few days of your test and in urgent situations we may speed up your report.

For most routine cases we advise you to make a follow-up appointment with your referring doctor or sleep specialist (the doctor who sent you in to be tested) 14 or more days after the test. This will allow enough time for your doctor to receive your results.

Based on the interpretation of your test, one or more of several things will need to be discussed between yourself and your referring doctor:

  1. The need to go on nasal CPAP treatment at home when you sleep.
  2. The need to be re-tested in the lab if you declined CPAP the first time you were here.
  3. The need to be re-tested w/CPAP if your respiratory events occurred too late in the night to try this procedure on you or if you did not sleep.
  4. The need to go on medications for disorders such as uncomplicated insomnia, periodic limb movement disorder or narcolepsy. Narcolepsy diagnosis requires an overnight test plus the necessity for you to remain in the lab the next day if indicated for a series of naps.
  5. The possibility of ENT surgery to remove tonsils & adenoids or to trim obstructive anatomical elements that block your airway during sleep.
  6. The possibility of needing a special dental device to use when sleeping or to have oro-maxillo-facial surgery if indicated.
  7. In long term insomnia without physical cause, the possibility of needing behavioral treatment.

If you were required by your employer to have an overnight test followed by a maintenance of wakefulness test (MWT) because you operate a motor vehicle or potentially dangerous equipment on your job, you will be required to sleep in the lab overnight and remain in the lab the next day for a series of "quiet" sessions to determine if you still become sleepy after treatment. Your doctor and/or the Sleep Institute will release the results of this test to third parties such as employers only with your express written permission.

Institute personnel cannot provide you with the results of your test or discuss it with you until it has been officially interpreted on site by one of our sleep specialist physicians. Each test can consist of up to 1,000 or more pages of data involving at least 16 channels of tracings per page. This is a complex and time consuming procedure so we appreciate your understanding why it takes so long to have your results. This is not like a simple blood test or an x-ray.
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