Institute of Sleep Medicine - Your Bedroom

You will be shown into one of our beautifully appointed, hotel-like bedrooms. Each is equipped with a queensized electric bed with a special mattress and platform capable of holding weights up to 600 pounds. Your room also contains a ceiling mounted closed circuit TV camera, situated in a smoked-glass bubble to make it unobtrusive. A 19" wall mounted color TV is also provided to help you pass the time while still awake. By each bedside you will note the presence of a CPAP machine (in case its needed), oxygen, air and vacuum outlets and the interface boxes that enable us to monitor your sleep via computer.

There are no telephones in the rooms. You can use your cellular phone when still awake but it and your beeper must be turned off at lights out. If you do not have a cellular phone, the center provides a portable landline phone for use inside your room if you have to make or receive a call.

Each room has its own private bathroom, sink and shower for your exclusive use. If you need to get up at night to use the bathroom, just signal the monitoring tech by waving your arms at the camera. Someone will be in to unhook your wires and make you "mobile" when you are finished, you can get back into bed and be reconnected to the computer interface.

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