HIV Health Services

As many as one to one and a half million Americans may be infected with HIV - the virus that causes AIDS. HIV/AIDS affects every segment of the population no matter your gender, race, ethnic background or age.

The most hopeful fact about HIV infection is that it is preventable by means of education. Education enables individuals to make the wise decisions that will keep them healthy.

Staten Island University Hospital's HIV prevention programming is aimed at educating the public on the following subjects:

  • The ways in which HIV is transmitted.
  • How high-risk behavior may be identified and modified.
  • How a healthy lifestyle can be maintained.

Our HIV programs are divided into two groups- services for the individual patient and family members and services for the community.

For the Individual Client

  • Counseling on HIV issues
  • HIV Support Groups
  • Referrals for Ancillary or Outside Services
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Case Management
  • Medical Care

For the Community

  • Crises Intervention
  • Community Outreach
  • Resource Materials
  • In-service Training
  • Referrals for Ancillary or Outside Service

We have the following HIV health care sites to accommodate people seeking medical services.

  • Staten Island University Hospital - South
  • Bay Street Health Center
  • Stapleton Clinic

Confidentiality is a primary concern for our patients. As such, we closely follow the applicable state and federal confidentiality regulations regarding patient information.