Inpatient Detoxification Services

The inpatient detoxification program is a short, variable length of stay service. Most patients can be successfully treated within a three to six day period but the length of stay is determined on an individual basis depending upon the substance of abuse, it's frequency & amount, and any concurrent medical or psychiatric issues that may arise. Patients who are participants in a methadone maintenance treatment program (MMTP) may be admitted for detoxification from methadone or secondary drugs of abuse.

Detoxification is a medical service for the removal of alcohol and/or drug(s) from the body of the patient. It is just one step in a process towards an individual living a clean and sober life. The Detox program has as one of its primary goals the patient's continuation in chemical dependency treatment upon discharge. Chemical Dependency Counselors work with patients on an individualized basis to identify the appropriate level of care the patient needs. We have a large network of treatment program resources both within Staten Island University Hospital and throughout the City & State of New York that we work with to meet our patients' needs.