Outpatient Chemical Dependency Counseling

This program provides a full range of individual and group counseling services to individuals and family members, including parents, siblings, spouses, significant others and adult children of alcohol and substance abusers. Our professional staff is dedicated to providing confidential treatment in a safe and caring environment.

Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Recovery Readiness Groups
  • Early Recovery /Aftercare counseling
  • DWI Education/ Evaluation
  • Women's counseling
  • Advanced Recovery Groups
  • Relapse Prevention Education
  • Codependency counseling
  • Adult children of alcoholics counseling ∑
  • Services for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing

Dual Focus Program offering both chemical dependency and mental health services:

  • Psychiatric evaluation & consultation
  • Education & Life Skills Groups

Our comprehensive treatment approach also offers referral to:

On site Child Care Services

Vocational Educational Counseling including GED & literacy classes, & career counseling

Harm Reduction/Acupuncture

HIV Testing, Counseling & Case Management Services

On Site 12 Step Meetings