Recovery Readiness and Harm Reduction Program

  • Acupuncture For Relapse Prevention
  • Support Groups For Harm Reduction
  • Educational Seminars on Safer Sex and Safer Drug Use
  • Condoms and Bleach Kits With Instructions on How To Use Them
  • Confidential Counseling

Staten Island University Hospital's Harm Reduction, Recovery Readiness and Relapse Prevention programs are offered both in the community and within the center. The program offers important services such as: acupuncture for relapse prevention, support groups for harm reduction, and educational seminars on safe sex and safe drug use. In addition, our program also supplies condoms and bleach kits.

Patients participating in weekly services receive a reinforced awareness of the dangers of HIV and high risk behaviors. These services also provide basic information, and offer confidential counseling.

For appointments and information about HIV testing and counseling, please call (718)226-2640. For appointments, information and HIV medical care please call (718) 226-2642.