Emergency Medicine

Brahim Ardolic, MD, Chairman
James Kenny, MD, Associate Chairman
Nicole Berwald, MD, Assistant Director
Boris Khodorkovsky, MD, Assistant Director
Christopher Graziano, MD, Assistant Director

Emergency Medicine has a unique medical mission of treating unexpected illness and injury. The emergency physician will treat a wide range of conditions including all medical and surgical problems, trauma-related injuries, burns, sports medicine, pediatrics, geriatrics, poisonings, and even psychiatric care. The Emergency Department is also responsible for managing any disasters that may occur.

The Emergency Department is committed to providing the Staten Island community with fast and quality emergency care. Each site of the Staten Island University Hospital has a 911-receiving Emergency Department, staffed by healthcare workers specifically trained in emergency care. The North Site is a designated Level I Trauma Center and Burn Center.

The Emergency Department is committed to improving healthcare quality. Ongoing initiatives include the development of treatment protocols to provide rapid, efficient, and accurate evaluation of patients. Protocols have been developed for patients presenting with chest pain, asthma, stroke, pneumonia, and heart failure to name a few. In addition, specialized services are provided in the Emergency Department 24 hours a day by the Stroke Center Team, the Cardiac Cath Team, Burn Center and on-call Trauma Team.

The Emergency Department is committed to improving patient care through structural improvements. Plans include waiting room expansion including a dedicated pediatric waiting room at the North Site, as well as state-of-the-art information, charting, and triage systems to decrease wait times and increase patient satisfaction.

Through these academic, structural and clinical initiatives the Emergency Department is ever evolving and improving emergency care for all of Staten Island.

If you have questions, you may call the Emergency Department Administrative Offices at (718) 226-9158.