Bariatric Procedures - Restrictive Banding


Restrictive Banding is a procedure designed to help you lose excess body weight. By way of Laparoscopy, a small adjustable silicone elastoma ring is placed on top of the stomach forming a belt creating a small pouch, which restricts the amount of food one can consume during a meal. This process is the least invasive way of surgically reducing the amount of food your stomach can hold.

How Does The Lap-Band Work?

With the Lap-Band system in place, the size of the opening between the small stomach pouch on top and the larger stomach below can be adjusted by adding or removing saline solution between the layers of the silicone elastoma ring. The size of the opening between the two parts of the stomach controls how fast food moves from the upper pouch to the lower stomach. With the Lap-Band adequately adjusted, your new small stomach will not let you eat much; therefore, you will feel full sooner and stay satisfied longer after each meal.

How Much Weight Will You Lose With The Lap-Band System?

The average weight loss in the United States clinical study was approximately 36-38% of excess weight, two and three years after surgery. A few patients were able to lose up to 50% of their excess weight.

Advantages Of The
Lap Band System

The Lap-Band system offers the following advantages:
A less invasive procedure in comparison to gastric Bypass procedures.
The band can be adjusted to fit individual needs.
The process can usually be reversed, if necessary.
Recovery time after surgery may be quicker.