Weight-Loss Surgery Testimonials

"After having Roux en Y surgery on August 15, 2005, my life has changed dramatically. Weighing 335 pounds at surgery, I was unable to complete the simplest daily tasks, not to mention the things that I loved to do such as playing with my children, playing golf, walking my dog or tending to my garden. Even tying my shoes became an impossible task. I would put my golf shoes on at home and drive to the golf course in spikes so that my friends did not see how difficult it was for me to put on my shoes.

After my surgery, I followed directions and my life got better than I could have ever imagined. I made A Lifestyle Change and started going to the gym one month after leaving the hospital. Today I am 174 lbs and living a life beyond my wildest dreams. Thanks to this life changing procedure and the people involved in the SIUH Center of Bariatric Surgery."

Leslie M.

"I always had a hard time controlling my weight. Yo-Yo dieting, spending thousands of dollars on diet aids and clothes of various sizes over the years. By the time I was 45, I had developed diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, sleep apnea and aches and pains of various types. I decided if I didn't do something, I wouldn't see 50.

It's been 5 years since my surgery. I feel great. I no longer take the 6-7 medications I was on daily or have to sleep with the aid of a breathing machine. I'm more active and enjoy life. I went from 325 pounds to my current 175 pounds, losing and keeping off 150 pounds, definitely one of the best decisions I ever made."

Ken H.

"I had my surgery on August 11, 2008. I was considered morbidly obese when I decided to have my surgery. It was the day I was losing my best friend (food). After the surgery, I felt great. The weight just started to come off. It changed my life dramatically. Food no longer was my best friend, being healthy was. I was determined to do this and I was very successful. Even almost 3 years later, I am dedicated to being healthy and keeping the weight off for the rest of my life.

One story I will share is when I traveled by plane I needed to bring an extension for my seat belt. I was always very embarrassed by this. Six months after my surgery, I was traveling and was very anxious as I sat down to buckle my seat belt. To my amazement, not only did I not need an extension, I actually had to pull on the seat belt to make it tighter. I cried and realized that I had made the right decision, not only for my health but for my well being as well."

Lori A.

"It has been six months since I had gastric bypass surgery and I feel great! I cannot remember having this much energy. I have learned to eat healthy and satisfy my cravings without feeling deprived. Dr. Gibbs and her staff have given me the support and tools necessary to become successful in my new life.

Thank you all for giving me my life back!"

Paige L.

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