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Trauma affects everyone, not just the injured person. Keeping everyone informed is important. This site is meant to provide information about what to expect during your stay.

The Trauma team at Staten Island University Hospital is dedicated to providing exceptional care for the injured patient. If there is a procedure or technical term that is not well understood, simply ask us to clarify and we will explain.

Where does the patient go after arriving at the faculty?

The trauma patient will be brought to one of our state of the art trauma bays. There will be much activity around them as they are evaluated. Please know that a team trained to handle traumatic emergencies are tending to your loved one.

Based on the evaluation in the Emergency Department, they can go to one of the following:

  • The operating room (OR) for emergency surgery.
  • The Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Pediatric ICU (PICU)
  • The telemetry, surgical nursing unit, or pediatric nursing unit

When can I expect to see the trauma surgeon?

The trauma team “rounds” daily in the hospital. During these rounds, they discuss injuries and the plan of care, including discharge planning. We encourage your family to be present for our daily visits so that our plan of care may be clear to you and your loved ones. If you cannot meet with the team at that time, please share your concerns with your nurse and they can help to contact the team for you.

Our Trauma surgeons strive to see all patients by noon; however, they may be delayed on some days because of unforeseen circumstances.

During these instances, the chief resident may oversee daily care and communicate with the attending. Your nurse or physician’s assistant will also be able to provide you with updates.

Who is responsible for a patient’s treatment during the hospital stay?

Many different medical professionals may be involved in the care of the trauma patient and it may appear as if the team is ever changing. The team is led by an attending trauma surgeon and may include surgical interns, surgical residents, physician assistants, and nurses. Special consultative services can be involved, depending on the injury sustained, such as orthopedics or neurosurgery.

What is the difference between an attending, a resident, an intern, and a physician assistant?

  • Attending trauma surgeon: A surgeon who specializes in trauma care, leads the trauma team and consults with other surgeons and specialists as needed. A trauma surgeon is on call for immediate response at all times.
  • Resident: A doctor who has completed medical school and is furthering his or her training in a specialty. Always works under the supervision of the attending physician.
  • A chief resident: A resident in their final year of training. They are selected to assist the attending in the daily care of the patients and in management of the interns and residents.
  • Intern: A medical school graduate preparing to be licensed to practice in medicine.
  • Physician Assistant (PA): A medical professional formally educated to examine patients, diagnose injuries and illnesses, and provide treatment under the supervision of a physician.

How long are trauma patients hospitalized and when can they go home?

As the trauma patient recovers, their safe discharge from SIUH is our goal. Recovery times vary and will depend upon their injuries and previous medical state. Sometimes recovery cannot be completed in the hospital and needs to be continued at home, with visiting nurse services, or in a rehabilitation facility. SIUH has dedicated care managers and social workers who assist the trauma team to develop the safest discharge plan for the patient.

Contact Information:

Trauma Services; Main Office: 718-226-4800
Administrative Support: 718-226-1267
Outpatient Trauma Services: 718-226-6260

Available Support Groups:

Brain Injury Support: 718-356-2851
Compassionate Friends: 718-227-6516
Pain Management: 718-226-3519

For a full list of support groups, information and schedules, call:

Community Outreach Relations: 718-226-1832 or 718-226-1911
Patient Representation: 718-226-8851


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