Regina M. McGinn, MD Medical Education Center

The Regina M. McGinn, MD Medical Education Center is the integration of technology and advanced training technique in a generous 5,000 square foot environment. It is the Hospital's most recent example of a commitment to create a healthier Staten Island through clinical excellence, community outreach, and the benefits of retaining skilled physicians in our home community.

Click the image below for a detailed map of the center.

  1. The Digital Medical Library is a cutting-edge electronic library featuring thousands of medical journals, articles and studies.

  2. Simulation Lab (Sim Lab) is a 3-room suite  consisting  of an Operating Room, Patient Room, and Examination Room, designed to re-create real time patient situations,  utilizing the advanced technology of animatronic mannequins.

  3. The Executive Board Room features a state-of-the-art communications grid that will serve as the Hospital Emergency Incident Command Center (HEICS), or borough-wide command center during a state of emergency, as needed.

  4. Lecture Hall/Auditorium features 249 seats and national/ international  teleconferencing capability for medical/clinical symposia, as well as community education events.

  5. Break Out Conference Room Space offers five distinct rooms that can be opened into one large conference space and can be used as meeting rooms for community support groups.

  6. The Diabetes Education Center will greatly enhance access to effective patient education material and offer self-management instruction for diabetics.