SIUH to hold closing ceremonies for Rehab Olympics

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. – Just as the 2012 Summer Olympics are coming to an end, so too are the Olympic-inspired games for rehab patients at Staten Island University Hospital.  On Friday morning at 11:30, the outpatient rehab unit at the Ocean Breeze hospital will hold closing ceremonies, complete with a marching of our “athletes,” medal presentations, an extinguishing of the Olympic torch and an international lunch.

The games at SIUH are a way to make physical therapy fun and are a natural tie in to the excitement and determination of our U.S. Olympians in London, said Linda Spadafina, assistant manager of the hospital’s rehabilitation medicine.

“Olympic athletes have a gold medal in mind,” explained Ms. Spadafina, who is a co-organizer of the SIUH Rehab Olympics. “Our patients have functional independence in mind.”


Diane O'Donnell 
Community Relations 
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