Press Start to Rebuild

For nearly 400 employees at Staten Island University Hospital (SIUH) putting the pieces back together is not a game they are looking to play after Superstorm Sandy and life can't be reset with the push of a button.

But local Islander and SIUH Executive, James Weller is trying to put the "fun" in fundraising, with his charitable video game event, "Press Start to Rebuild," a fundraiser for his coworkers affected by the storm.

Weller says the point of the event is awareness, "Many times after a tragic event like Sandy, after some time we move on to the next thing. We need to remember that there are still people in need of help."

Press Start to Rebuild is a 12-hour gaming marathon where players compete in a series of games, sponsored by online viewers for their length of playtime. Players are welcomed to participate free of charge anytime between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. on Friday, March 15th in the Regina McGinn Education Center at SIUH North at 475 Seaview Avenue.

Money raised from the event will aid in the hospital's employee relief fund. SIUH initiated a number of programs to help the staff start the rebuilding process after the storm, many of them reporting to work concerned for the safety of patients over their personal property. SIUH created a Company Store, and programs like Adopt-A-Family and Housing assistance. The hospital also offered legal and social worker assistance.

Participants will also have a number of chances to win raffles, video games, toys - even an iPad mini. "This event has something for everyone, especially for the kids. So come down, the doors are open. Bring your family and come play for a good cause, "said Weller. Children from the hospital's pediatric oncology department will be on hand as well, putting their gamer skills to the test.

For those who cannot attend, you can view the marathon online at www.twitch.tv/charitygamingtv and donate in support of the event. Charity Gaming hopes to raise $5,000 in support of the employee relief fund.

Charity Gaming is a non-profit created to raise money for New York children's hospitals and pediatric units by hosting video game marathons. For more information visit: www.facebook.com/charitygamingtv or contact James Weller at 718-226-8190.

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