Staten Island University Hospital kicks-off EMS Week with life-saving challenge for local ambulance providers.

It's not whether you win or lose…but how you save lives!

Staten Island, NY- Staten Island University Hospital (SIUH) – member North Shore-LIJ Health System - will be hosting its second annual "Sim Lab Wars" a test a skills between local Emergency Medical Service (EMS) providers, putting their skills to the test in their life-saving abilities.

Sim Wars will challenge participants in various - ever-changing - first response scenarios -- initiated by simulation lab controllers -- in basic and advanced life support techniques highlighting the tenets of EMS: teamwork, preparation, and reaction to the unexpected.

This exercise will be held in the hospital's Simulation Lab, located in the Regina M. McGinn, MD Education Center. The simulation lab makes use of remote-controlled mannequins that respond in ways that real patients do.

The lab affords the clinicians the opportunity to practice life-support scenarios, new procedures, and new techniques. This lets clinicians identify areas for improvement without any risk to actual patients.

Medical centers around the country have been adopting this practice by taking a page from the airline industries safety playbook. During the 1990s, airlines adopted the use of simulators in pilot training which greatly increased safety while reducing the amount of resources used during actual flight training.

Winners of this year's competition will take home the David Restuccio Memorial Trophy. David Restuccio, retired FDNY EMS Lieutenant and ten year SIUH paramedic, was killed in a high-speed collision on August 27, 2012 when an SUV collided with the ambulance he was operating in.

EMS competitors include: FDNY, SIUH, North Shore-LIJ Health System, Richmond University Medical Center, and Primary Care Ambulance.

"The best part of this competition – there are no losers," said Paul Barbara, assistant medial director for EMS, SIUH. "Any chance we have to learn from one another, to our hone skill sets, critique methods…not only do the EMS technicians win, but the people we care for as well," said Barbara.


About North Shore-LIJ Health System

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May 17, 2013

9:00 a.m.


Staten Island University Hospital

Regina M. McGinn Education Center

Simulation Lab

475 Seaview Avenue

Staten Island, NY 10305

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