Afghan Hospital Attack, Wake up Call for All Frontline Physicians

A local doctor who worked at the same CURE International hospital in Kabul, Afghanistan, was not surprised to hear of the attack that killed three people, including an American pediatrician.

"In a foreign, hostile environment nothing is off limits, even a hospital," said Dr. Vance Moss, a staff surgeon and Urologist at NSLIJ-Staten Island University Hospital. Dr. Moss and his twin brother, Dr. Vince Moss, served in the Kabul hospital in 2008 with the United States Army Reserve Medical Corps.

The brothers treated wounded soldiers and civilians in war-ravaged Afghanistan, and, before that, in Iraq, serving as part of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom. They know only too well about the dangers faced by physicians there.

"Your adrenaline level is so high, simply because you're not only worried about taking care of your patients, but you're also worried about taking care of yourself," he said.

Even with his extensive military training, Dr. Moss expressed his own concerns, "this is a reality check for all of us, that even physicians can be killed."

When asked about what risks these healthcare providers face, Dr. Moss explained, "You need to understand that you may not come back. You need to accept what service men and women accept: you may give your life for your country."

Dr. Vance Moss starred in the United States Army Reserve commercial "Army Strong!"

US Army Strong Commercial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=55lmw6dZe7k

Dr. Moss' humanitarian efforts have been featured in The Washington Post, Staten Island Advance, CNN, ABC News, Men's Health magazine, and CBS television's, The Doctors, among others.


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