Decline in Complications of Diabetes Good News, but Not the Whole Picture

New Cases of diabetes rise to near epidemic numbers in the face of a good news report showing declines in deadly complications of the disease, according to Dr. Morton J. Kleiner, a kidney specialist and chairman of Medicine at North Shore-LIJ Staten Island University Hospital.

Encouraged by the federal study released last week, Dr. Kleiner calls for focus on prevention and team treatment.

“While we put an enormous effort into managing diabetes and educating patients, we need to rev up our efforts at prevention,” Dr. Kleiner said. Tragic complications, pain and the hardship of end- stage kidney failure and dialysis will continue as long as we see a growing number of new cases.

Kleiner called the federal study published in The New England Journal of Medicine well done and its results encouraging. He mentioned that eye problems associated with the disease was a prevalent complication not highlighted in the study, but one that needs ongoing monitoring.

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