Happiness Is…Finally sneezing after an age of holding the “about to sneeze” face.

The flowers are blooming, birds are chirping and you're sneezing. Here are some tips to keep down the watery eyes, itchy nose and scratchy throat.

  1. Is it really allergies? When the weather dramatically changes from a tough winter to a warm spring it is hard to determine if it is a cold, virus or allergies. Do your symptoms persist longer than two weeks and worsen while outdoors? Then you got the 'Allergies'.
  2. When one door closes, close the window. By opening the window, you aren't just letting the fresh air in but the pollen along with it. Pollen can travel long distances and high levels, especially during peak hours from 5-10am. Turn the air conditioner on when you are home to cool down the house.
  3. Spring Cleaning! Don't just limit the spring cleaning to the house. Make sure to clean out your car. On average, people spend up to 15 hours a week in the car. Keep your cabin air filters clean and use the air conditioner instead of opening the window.
  4. Wash your troubles away. Pollutants can be clingy, shower and change your clothes to shed that unwanted pollen. Throughout the day, washing your hands and face can help relieve symptoms such as itchy, watery and burning eyes. Gargling mouthwash will rinse any irritants from the back of your throat.
  5. Be careful being one with nature. Whether you are tending to your garden or simply mowing the lawn, wear a mask and sunglasses to minimize your contact with pollen particles.
  6. No sleep till relieve! If your suffering is intolerable, there are a number of over-the-counter (OTC) medications. These medications can help alleviate some symptoms but it is best to consult with your physician.
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